Saturday, 3 May 2008

Little Amadeus - The Adventures of Young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Peter Will, producer of Little Amadeus, claims that the show is the biggests success in Germany and expects to compete with Sponge Bob worldwide. At the moment Little Amadeus is being broadcasted in USA, Spain, Portugal, Russia, China, countries in northern Africa and, of course, Germany, amongst others. They are currently negotiating with countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia and some countries in South America. Some of the targets for 2009 are Central America, Brazil, Scandinavia and Oceania.

Peter Will explained that the purpose of the TV show is to educate children through entertainment. The main objectives were to bring classical music to the kinds and to incentivize musical activity in them. For this, they created a hero that children could look up to but at the same time feel related to him. Mozart and his music seemed to be the right choice. The stories are fictional but some parts are based on true stories. The show is supported by a website and some live events dedicated to children. All of this is run by a non-commecial foundation.

All of the music in the show is recorded live and Will assures that there were no synthesizers used to record any of the songs. All of Mozart's compositions were recorded again for the show by different orchestras. In live shows, there is an orchestra playing the music whille the actors are on stage.

The Little Amadeus Foundation sponsors a 'Special School Day' event, in which professional musicians visit different schools and play for the kids. In these visits, musicians teach the kids something about the instruments so that they can get interested in it. Children are also allowed to explore the different instruments.

Little Amadeus has had a greater success with kids between 3 and 5 years of age and found a little more audience in girls than boys. In the future, Will explains, they expect to create more episodes and perhaps even a film. If things go very well they might even try to create another hero and bring other 'valuable' music to the kids.

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